Edisplay is an Italian software house. The company philosophy has always been and continues to strives to offer the best products at the best price. Since 2000 we have developed different software products for both national and international markets.

Our products have received many awards and press releases due to their innovation, reliability, user-friendly interface and best price/performance ratio.

Thanks to our advanced IT know-how, several years ago Edisplay released Sendblaster, one of the most well known email marketing software currently available.

With over 150.000 users and millions of emails sent, Sendblaster has become one of most reliable, widely used and appreciated software within the email-marketing world.

In the domestic market edisplay continues to adhere to its philosophy of providing cheap software, which improves day by day due to its management and ecommerce software. The success of our “edisplay Ecommerce” and “Gestionale V5” products are linked to their high quality, value for money and built-in support service.

Our offices

Edisplay s.r.l.
Via Palmanova, 24
20132 Milano
Edisplay s.r.l.
Viale del Lavoro, 53
Fonni (NU)


Free number (from Italy only) 800.131.046
email info@edisplay.it